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    Mies van der Rohe gave a master class in modernity and style with his German Pavilion, built for the International Exhibition of Barcelona of 1929. The architect distilled his “less is more” concept to create this singular space of light and shade, glass and marble, air and water. This monographic work describes it to us in all its plenitude.

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    Through more than 225 photographs, this book, with a manageable format and affordable price, has been created to give the reader an editorial product where the city of Barcelona can be discovered through the most emblematic corners of this great, cultural and cosmopolitan metropolis.

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    Barcelona one of the most modern cities of the Mediterranean, fascinates any visitor. A pleasant tour around its streets, buildings and monuments –from the work of Gaudí and Modernism to the recent contributions of Richard Meier and Jean Nouvel–, along with a review of its traditions, culture and gastronomy.

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    Isabel Núñez takes us along a personal tour of the city with a particular combination of a search for beauty, a strong criticism of speculation and destruction, irony, and nostalgia, which is not of the past, but of lost innocence. And stuck in these itineraries, whether they are a fabric of imagination or vibrant, is literature, her own and...

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    The Palau de la Música Catalana discovers the secrets of the prodigious building in Barcelona conceived one hundred years ago by the talent of the Modernist architect Lluís Domènech i Montaner. The book shows the beauty of the original Palau, without ignoring the new facilities and latest restorations, directed by the architect Òscar Tusquets. 

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    The architectural work of Lluís Domènech i Montaner culminates in the Palau de la Música Catalana, a Modernist jewel and musical centre of Barcelona since 1908. If its façade is stunning, the concert hall, with its curious structure of temple and theatre, is one of the most beautiful in the world.

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    Photographic book in black and white, with an artistic and unique vision of different landmark buildings of Barcerlona, all reflected on different surfaces. ISBN 9788460846291

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    Modernism was born from the economic splendor and social distinction of the middle class, not to mention political character. After the fall of the First Republic (1874), once Catalonia had established a firm political base, Modernism... It comes with a book point, 350 gm cardboard stamping, related to Gaudí and Barcelona.

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    Barcelona is a mosaic of landscapes and atmospheres: the port and the Rambla, the Gothic route around Ciutat Vella, Eixample, Modernism and Gaudí, the Olympic urban planning, the museums and sculptures, leisure and night life… It comes with a book point, 350 gm cardboard stamping, related to Gaudí and Barcelona.

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    Casa Masó is the house where Rafael Masó (1880-1935) was born, one of the most important works of his architecture and the only one of the iconic houses over the river in Girona that is open to the public. The house still has all the furniture and decorations from the noucentista times and offers some unique views over the city. 

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    Barcelona is a city that has been written and rewritten by its inhabitants for over 2000 years. The writer Joan Barril invites us to discover it in a pleasant and colourful stroll, through its human, artistic and architectural wealth. Includes fold-out panoramic views.

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    This small story directed to children explains the history of one of the best clubs in the world from its beginnings to the present day accompanied by illustrations. FC Barcelona is not just a club full of symbolism or a successful football model. Over the years, an internal structure has been woven that has made it a benchmark for sportsmanship all over...

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