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    Barcelona’s cuisine is like a large mosaic built up over the centuries with very diverse influences. The multi-faceted and varied nature of Catalan cuisine is inherent to any regional cooking with several centuries of history behind it. In this book we have tried giving a very general and informative explanation of this open, varied and cosmopolitan...
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    Touching the sky with the hand presents us a fun and rigorous explanation of the keys to understand and enjoy these ephemeral and fantastic constructions which, besides being an expression of the Catalan cultural identity, are also a metaphor and reality of brotherly work and of the sense of continuity within the community.
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    Catalonia is a thousand-year-old nation, which has been enriched by the passing through and contributions of very diverse cultures throughout its history. We find the same richness and variety in its landscape, a very heterogeneous mosaic bordered by the Pyrenees, the Delta del Ebro and the gentleness of the Mediterranean. 
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    On Ibiza and Formentera, for centuries truly isolated islands, a cuisine was formed made with seasonal products and based on the Mediterranean trilogy: wheat, wine and olive oil. Prepared with local products, and which luckily still conserves in its essence, its own gastronomic philosophy. A true item of World Heritage, as all the local cuisines of the...
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    Mallorca’s cuisine is a mixture of tradition and exoticism. Among its most appreciated dishes feature the tumbet, the vegetable and brown bread soup, the frit mallorquí, or the lobster stew. A book for discovering its gastronomic culture and preparing the most typical cooked dishes of the island.
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    What are you going to find in this mouth-watering book? 40 recipes so you can make your own tapas at home with your family and friends, and show off your knowledge of the finest tapas in Barcelona. 20 must-try bars, from the centuries-old to the most recent ones run by Michelin-starred chefs so you can find out about their history and which tapas to order...
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    Valencian cuisine does not live by thousands of rice dishes alone. A melting pot of cultures and civilizations, Valencian cuisine can get the most out of the incredible abundance and variety of landscapes: maritime and mountain cuisine; rural and urban cuisine; traditional and innovative cuisine.

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