The architectural naturalism

The architectural naturalism

Knowing Gaudí's work is an opportunity to put first of all what life offers us in a natural way. According to Gaudí, nature is God's ultimate creation. Thus, to design his works he relied on the laws of nature. The architect's great sources of inspiration were the Mediterranean Sea, mountains, flowers, animals and trees.

Gaudí incorporated in his works allusions to nature through the representation of various animals or plants.

In Casa Vicens, nature is present in all its ornamentation, both in the exterior, in the decoration of its facades, and in the interior of the house, in each of the rooms. Used for the first time ceramic sunflowers, this plant had a special meaning for the architect: symbol of the soul.

Also, as a symbol of nature, the columns of the Holy Family are built in the form of a tree to support the entire monument.

And in the Pedrera, looks like a large block of stone modeled by the forces of nature.

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