Do you know all the anecdotes of the Sagrada Familia?

Do you know all the anecdotes of the Sagrada Familia?

At the beginning, the project of the Sagrada Familia is in charge of the architect Fransisco Paula del Villar and adopts the shape of a standard Gothic church. He resigned after a year of work and the project was entrusted to Gaudí, who will radically change the plans. 

Contrary to what one would think of an architect, Gaudí was not interested in the time of construction of his cathedral. "There is no reason for me to regret not having finished this church, I will grow old, but others will come for me."

The cathedral project was funded by a call for donations from Bocabella. Since then, the cathedral has remained true to this principle and is fully financed with private money. The annual financing is estimated at 25 million euros. This sum is mainly collected by the entrance tickets and the donations of the patrons fathered in the group of Friends of the Sagrada Familia. 

On the Passion Façade, we find a square cryptogram with 16 figures. All the sums in the rows and columns always result in 33 which is the age at which Jesus Christ died. Also, the number 12 doesn't appear. One of the explanations presented is that Gaudí was probably a Mason and intentionally eclipsed the number 12 to deny the existence of the 12 apostles. 

Gaudí was fascinated by the majesty of nature in which he found much of his inspiration. One of the strongest examples is the magnificient roof of the building that represents a spiritual forest and where the columns must be trunks of trees that reach the peaks.  

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