The Sagrada Familia finally gets its construction permit!

The Sagrada Familia finally gets its construction permit!

If we talk about Barcelona, ​​I hope you get an image of the Sagrada Familia.

The construction of this basilica began in 1882. Still in operation, it attracts more than 20 million tourists who admire it from the outside. However, the building did not get a building permit until this year. It had its building permit on Friday after 137 years of illegal construction. Better late than never?

Antoni Gaudí, the genius architect of Barcelona, ​​had submitted in 1885 an application for a building permit to the municipality of Sant Martí Provençals, a town now absorbed by Barcelona and the district of the famous basilica. But you will never get an answer.

The planning manager of the city, Janet Sanz, praised her for "solving a historical anomaly in the city." The council of the Sagrada Familia had to pay 4.6 million euros to the city of Barcelona. , facilities and works, as well as the construction permit costs.

The construction permit extends until 2026, date scheduled for approval without debt. The building dedicated to the Sagrada Familia will be the tallest temple in the world, that is, 172 meters, not to mention its impressive size with a plot of more than 53,000 square meters.

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