Güell Park, more than 100 years...

Güell Park, more than 100 years...

The Park Güell has become a popular public park for the inhabitants of Barcelona, ​​as well as a great attraction for visitors. Recognized as an artistic monument in 1969, it was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1984.

It was originally conceived as a luxury urbanization to end up becoming a park full of naturalistic details and absent from straight lines. With an extension of more than 17 hectares, the Park Güell is covered by wavy forms, columns with aspect of trees, figures of animals and geometric forms. Most of the surfaces are decorated with mosaics made with colored ceramic chips. The central point of the park is a large square in which there is a huge bench 110 meters long, with the appearance of a snake covered by small pieces of ceramics.

Two small houses are located next to the main entrance of the park. One of them works as a store while the other, the Casa del Guarda, hosts audiovisual exhibitions about the park's past.

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