Tapas Barcelona

Tapas Barcelona


What are you going to find in this mouth-watering book? 40 recipes so you can make your own tapas at home with your family and friends, and show off your knowledge of the finest tapas in Barcelona. 20 must-try bars, from the centuries-old to the most recent ones run by Michelin-starred chefs so you can find out about their history and which tapas to order in each one

Language: English

Photographs: Jordi García
Text: Joan Barril, Josep Liz
Pages: 192
Format: 155 x 160 mm
Binding: Paperback


Catalá: 9788484785941

Español: 9788484785958

English: 9788484785965

French:  9788484785972

Italiano: 9788484785996

Deutsch: 9788484785989

Portuguese:  9788484786009

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