Barcelona gastronomy and cook
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Barcelona gastronomy and cook


Barcelona’s cuisine is like a large mosaic built up over the centuries with very diverse influences. The multi-faceted and varied nature of Catalan cuisine is inherent to any regional cooking with several centuries of history behind it. In this book we have tried giving a very general and informative explanation of this open, varied and cosmopolitan nature of the gastronomy of Barcelona. 

Language: English

Photographs: Oriol Aleu

Text: Toni Monné
Pages: 240
Format: 155 x 160 mm
Binding: Paperback


Catalá:  9788484784968

Español: 9788484784975

English:  9788484784982


Deutsch:  9788484785002

Italiano:  9788484785019

Portuguese: 9788484785026

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