Barcelona & Gaudí Shop is a company with a great experience and journey in the sector of gifts and souvenirs. We have worked for large companies such as Allianz, Bayer or Danone, among many, providing them with company gifts, either for their employees, or for their customers or attendees at a congress or event.

Receiving a company gift, either for loyalty or gratitude, is something that creates a bond with the company and increases brand awareness. Both merchandising and occasional gifts are a good way for your target audience to always keep you in mind.

Personalized Corporate Gifts

We have made many custom companies gift orders and you should know one thing: almost any gift can be customized with your company logo or name. We can help you find the ideal gift for your customers, partners or employees; you just must tell us who the gift is aimed at and what the purpose is (loyalty, gratitude, recognition ...), Barcelona Gaudí & Shop can guide you to choose the most appropriate personalized business gift.

Gifts for events

Giving knowledge of the brand name and / or customer loyalty are some main objectives in the marketing of a company. Barcelona & Gaudí Shop offers you the opportunity to offer gifts at business events.

Whether the event is for employees or customers, an event gift is a commemorative object that resonates with the attendees, favoring the memory of the experience lived and the positive feelings towards the company.

We have a large assortment of gifts for events, with the possibility of personalizing them with the name, logo or motto of your company; consult our catalog or contact us, we will be happy to help you find the right gift for your event, congress or convention.

Gifts from companies to customers

There are many types of gifts from companies to customers, depending on the timing and intentionality of the gift. From gifts on special dates (Christmas, anniversary of the brand), through promotional gifts or linked to a contest or challenge for customers.

To choose a good business gift to customers, you have to be clear about both the intentionality of the gift, as well as the profile of the client and what we want to convey as a company. At Barcelona Gaudí & Shop we have extensive experience in the manufacture and personalization of gifts for customers, you can count on our advice to guarantee the choice of the right gift.

Many companies with recognized brands (Huawei, Coca-Cola, Shiseido ...) have had us to make the best gift to their customers, your company can be the next to treat its users / customers with distinction.

Personalization:Your logo or inscription printed or pasted on the chosen item.

Rooming:Exclusive welcome gift for your guest directly delivered at the hotel room before arrival.

Final touch:We can wrap your gift and add a personalized letter or business card.

Made to measure:We search the gift that best suits your budget.

Just in time:Tell us where and when and we will deliver it on time.

Transport:We deliver anywhere in the world.

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