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others-artists JOAN MIRÓ - HIS...
Recognized as one of the most original artists of all times, Miróadded his boundless...
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Salvador Dalí extended his fascinating imaginary language to all areas of art, and it...
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bookstore DALÍ
Salvador Dalí turned the Empordà landscape into a symbol of surrealism. The Catalan...
Price $25.85
Dalí Jewels
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bookstore Dalí Jewels
“When designing jewels, as in all my art, I create what I love” (Salvador Dalí).From...
Price $14.54
House-Museum Gala Dalí Castle
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bookstore Gala Dalí Castle
From what is known as the Dalí triangle, the castle of Púbol is the most austere and is...
Price $12.92
Salvador Dalí
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others-artists Salvador Dalí
Among the coves of Cap de Creus stands the secret refuge of Salvador Dalí and his muse...
Price $13.46
Dalí Theather-MuseumDalí
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bookstore The Dalí...
Dalí conceived his Theatre-Museum as a building full of surprises and special effects....
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Dalí Theatre-Museum
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bookstore Dalí...
An ordered and complete tour of the Theatre-Museum that Dalí designed in Figueres....
Price $7.43
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others-artists JOAN MIRÓ
In one of the parks that the city of Barcelona dedicated to the artist Joan Miró, one...
Price $6.21
Jujol in Vallmoll
others-artists Jujol in...
The great architect Josep M. Jujol was the most distinguished from the collaborators of...
Price $24.86
Biography Illustrated by Pablo Picasso
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others-artists Biography...
Turned into an indisputable symbol of the 20th century, Pablo Ruiz Picasso set the...
Price $17.50
Picasso. The works of his life
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others-artists Picasso. The...
This book offers a meticulous vision of the works of Picasso analyzing each of his...
Price $16.52
Picasso. In the museum
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others-artists Picasso. In the...
This book brings together the main works of Picasso exhibited in the Picasso Museum in...
Price $15.53
The little story of Dalí
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books The little...
With Adrià and Mina, the two young protagonists of the story, we discover the new...
Price $8.56

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