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    Salvador Dalí extended his fascinating imaginary language to all areas of art, and it was where he reflected his overflowing and overwhelming personality, making him one of the main artistic references of all time. This book provides a thorough overview about the most important works of the artist's life.
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    Turned into an indisputable symbol of the 20th century, Pablo Ruiz Picasso set the course of contemporary art with his revolutionary plastic contributions. In parallel to his frantic creative activity, Picasso had a personal life as convulsive as fascinating. Detailed information on the most unknown side of Picasso's life.
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    Salvador Dalí turned the Empordà landscape into a symbol of surrealism. The Catalan painter’s work is inseparable from his birthplace. The best evidence of this we have in the Dalí Theatre-Museum in Figueres, the house in Portlligat and the castle in Púbol. Three sides of the triangle in which a large part of the brilliant artist’s daily life took place.
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    “When designing jewels, as in all my art, I create what I love” (Salvador Dalí). From 1941 to 1958 Dalí designed a collection of jewels and followed the whole creation process associated with Ertman and Alemany, two jewellers who had settled in New York.
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    An ordered and complete tour of the Theatre-Museum that Dalí designed in Figueres. Numerous photographs with comments, historical dates, biographical notes, curiosities and an explanatory map of the venue are all in this guide.
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    From what is known as the Dalí triangle, the castle of Púbol is the most austere and is linked to the last creative stage of the artist. It is the place Dalí offered to his dame, as a tribute. A place of isolation, evocative of the past, with a proustian atmosphere, in a search for a lost world, and subjective projection. 
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    In one of the parks that the city of Barcelona dedicated to the artist Joan Miró, one of the great urban sculptures of this great artist can be found. A tour around this thought-provoking and colourful sculpture introduces us into the world of this Catalan artist.
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    Recognized as one of the most original artists of all times, Miróadded his boundless imagination to a tireless creativity to createa pictorial universe with a lot of symbolism. Part of the collection"His life's work", this book provides a vivid portrait the brilliant painter through the works that best represent his artistic career.
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    The great architect Josep M. Jujol was the most distinguished from the collaborators of Gaudí. His artistic production is imaginative, unclassifiable, always searching the origin
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    This book brings together the main works of Picasso exhibited in the Picasso Museum in Barcelona. It covers from the first artistic incursions of Picasso to his mature works, going through the paintings of the blue period, the rose and cubism. In this way, the reader will obtain a complete portrait of the great painter from Malaga, an inimitable author...
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    This book offers a meticulous vision of the works of Picasso analyzing each of his creative stages, from his early years as an artist to different pictorial styles. Through its pages you can know the details and the history of the most important paintings such as Las señoritas de Avignon, La carrera, Harlequin, other numerous works that are part of its...
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    Among the coves of Cap de Creus stands the secret refuge of Salvador Dalí and his muse Gala. It is a unique residence, full of surprises and untypical decorations constructed by the unbounded imagination of the genius. It is a journey to the very heart of the artist in a magnificent natural setting, which inspired the majority of his masterpieces.
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    Dalí conceived his Theatre-Museum as a building full of surprises and special effects. This guide shows us the secrets of the artist’s last grand creation, providing us with the clues and keys to gain access to his personal world, imaginative and full of touches of humour.
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    With Adrià and Mina, the two young protagonists of the story, we discover the new Little Story of Dalí.  The new updated edition of this Little Story tells children the life and works of the artist Salvador Dalí. The text, written by Virgínia Palomo, is accompanied by unpublished illustrations by Pilarín Bayés.

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