Gaudí & Barcelona Shop is a souvenir shop, specialized in Gaudí-themed products and original and different souvenirs. We believe that souvenirs are a way to preserve in time the memories lived in a specific space and moment, but at the same time they can be decorative objects with utility. In our souvenir shop you will find beautiful souvenirs both for your own memory and to give to family and friends.

Online Souvenir Shop

Gaudí & Barcelona Shop is, fundamentally, an online souvenir shop. We sell and transport souvenirs anywhere in the world; we have many clients in Spain, USA, France or Japan.

Our online souvenir shop has more than 10 years of experience, having processed thousands of shipments to national and international destinations.

We sell souvenirs, a particularly delicate product, and we put special care in the packaging and packaging of your gifts, so that they arrive in perfect conditions at the destination. We work with the main transport agencies, ensuring that your order will arrive quickly and safely.

Barcelona Souvenirs

As the name of the store itself indicates, our specialty is the souvenirs of Barcelona and Gaudí. The city of Barcelona has a very special link with all the work of Antoni Gaudí, being dotted with all his work both in large buildings such as the Sagrada Familia, as well as in small details in streets and squares.

In our souvenir shop we have a large number of souvenirs from Barcelona and souvenirs from Gaudí, from small replicas to life-size reproductions of the furniture designed by Gaudí, present in some of his buildings. We invite you to look at our collection, it is unique and of unsurpassed quality.

Madrid Souvenirs

Madrid is the capital of Spain and attracts thousands of tourists every year. In our online souvenir shop you can find a wide variety of original souvenirs, with representation of some of its icons such as Cibeles or the Puerta de Alcalá.

Visit our souvenir section of Madrid and you will find original gifts with the most representative icons of the city, an opportunity to have an indelible memory or to give to friends and / or family.

Sevilla Souvenirs

Seville is an icon of Spanish culture, its streets are full of art, both architectural, cultural or human. In our online souvenir shop we have gifts of the most representative symbols of the city, such as the Giralda or the Torre del Oro.

If you are going to visit Seville, or you have already visited it and did not have time to acquire souvenir souvenirs, you are in the right place and at the right time. Visit our Seville souvenir section and get an original souvenir of this magical city.

Spain Souvenirs

We offer you a selection of the "most typical" souvenirs from Spain: a dancer, an Osborne bull, a fan, a Manila shawl... without a doubt, gifts that never go out of style because they represent timeless cultural clichés and with which tourism in Spain is identified.

You can find a selection of these souvenirs from Spain in our "Typical Spanish" section, all with a bit of good humor!

Personalization:Your logo or inscription printed or pasted on the chosen item.

Rooming:Exclusive welcome gift for your guest directly delivered at the hotel room before arrival.

Final touch:We can wrap your gift and add a personalized letter or business card.

Made to measure:We search the gift that best suits your budget.

Just in time:Tell us where and when and we will deliver it on time.

Transport:We deliver anywhere in the world.

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